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Services We Offer At Dakota Alignment & Frame Service

Dakota Alignment & Frame Service is a full-service truck, trailer, and frame repair center, specializing in truck repair and service for the Sioux Falls area. Our Specialized technicians have countless hours of experience working with semi truck frame alignment, trailer suspension service, frame straightening and much much more! Our shop completes jobs big and small, we have the tools to do it all.

Truck Suspension Services

Suspension Service

Dakota Alignment preforms suspension services for trailers, trucks, cars, vans, and many more. Click the button to learn more about our suspension services.

Truck Suspension Services

Frame Straightening

Frame straightening is one of our biggest operations at Dakota Alignment & Frame service. If you’re interested in our frame straightening service, fill out the form to the right or just give us a call at 605-338-9450

Truck Suspension Services

Trailer Alignment

We complete our truck and trailer alignments in a timely fashion. Our tools are perfect for any truck frame alignment or trailer frame alignment.

Truck Suspension Services

Truck Alignment

Extend the life of your tires with our truck alignment service! We use specialized commercial wheel alignment equipment, ensuring a professional truck alignment.

Truck Suspension Services

On Vehicle Balance

Gas mileage is important, increase your fuel economy with our on vehicle balancing service. We measure and correct travel, caster, camber, roll center height, and instant center to increase your performance on the road.

Truck Suspension Services

Truck Frame Repair

Structural damage to your trucks frame is no joke. Dakota Alignment offers frame repair services and frame straightening for the Sioux Falls area.

Truck Suspension Services

King Pins

King pins are considered to be the most critical component of your axle assembly. At Dakota Alignment & Frame Service, we ensure your King Pins are high quality and long lasting.

Truck Suspension Services

Ball Joints

Ball joints are an important part of the suspension found on all modern vehicles. Dakota Alignment & Frame Services has everything needed to service ball joints on most 2WD and 4WD vehicles.

Truck Suspension Services

Camber, Caster & Toe

Camber, Caster & Toe are the primary static suspension angles that need to be measured and adjusted for optimal driving performance. We provide high quality automotive services including Camber, Caster & Toe.

Truck Suspension Services

Wheel Bearings

Are you experiencing noise when turning at low speeds? You might need to have your wheel bearings serviced, give Dakota Alignment & Frame Service a call at 605-338-9450 for professional wheel bearing services.

Truck Suspension Services


Our trained suspension specialists will inspect your truck springs and quickly identify the problem. Call Dakota Alignment & Frame Service at 605-338-9450 to replace or repair your springs.

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