Frame Straightening

What To Look For In Semi Frame Straightening

Semi frame straightening involves highly skilled people performing highly technical work. Truckers are usually in love with their semi, and treat them at least as good as their family, if not better. 

Taking the time to find a quality auto body mechanic specialized in performing semi frame straightening is work in itself. The difficulty is in knowing what to look for when seeking out a shop that can perform this work. 

Shops that are able to provide truck builds probably are a good fit for being able to perform semi frame straightening. On the flip side, even if they outsource this to another shop, it is likely that they only use the top names in their area to perform this work. Otherwise, the truck build company would not be able to stay in business very long. 

The other quick check to make is how long the shop has been in business along with both the years of experience of the individual pros who will be performing the work and their training. Many train under other well-regarded professionals before going out on their own. So, even if they have relatively short careers, they may have learned a lot because they were under someone else’s wing. 


Equipment And Parts Matter

While the people who do the work are at the heart of making a semi frame straight again, they are only as good as the equipment and materials they are provided. 

Look for mechanics that have equipment that serves them well. While state-of-the-art equipment sounds great, it may not be necessary. Though, to get the most precision newer equipment is very helpful.  

Ensure that the equipment is well maintained too. Find out what kind of straighteners they use. How many alignment bays are there compared to the kind of volume that they handle for their work?

Plus, many truckers, again, are in a very close relationship with their truck and do not love the idea of someone they do not know handling their baby, or their sweetheart. Knowing where it is at all times is the sound of music for many truckers and fleet owners. 

What Is Laser Alignment?

Beyond getting the frame aligned and straightened, the wheels will definitely need an alignment after such a mess happens. The semi frame is definitely not the only part of the truck that requires straightening. The wheels need an alignment. No one wants a truck to come back feeling “off” after an alignment. 

Find a shop that’s known for quality work, and who knows how to make adjustments and repairs right the first time around. There are systems that make it easier these days, which include lasers. This is what gets the semi back on the road better than ever. It will ensure you get the most out of the tires while preserving precious fuel, saving you money. 

Consider what services you need. Find the one that has the best reputation for great work. Call Dakota Alignment & Frame Service at 605-338-9450